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PR, media relations and crisis management

Radar PR is a full service communications consultancy which specialises in  PR, media relations and crisis management. We are tuned in to today’s  fast-moving events to help companies raise awareness,  change perceptions and maintain reputations.

Specialising in media-led public relations, London-based Radar PR is led by a PR practitioner and former news journalist with  more than 20 years experience.  Clients receive advice only from seasoned professionals with an in-depth understanding of all forms of media.

With the experience and know-how of an international PR agency but without  the overheads, we deliver impressive results to start ups and multinationals alike. With many years experience of working across continents, we possess genuine  cross-cultural expertise and the capabilities to work  companies around the globe.

If you have good news to tell, we will make sure it gets heard in the traditional press and via social media.  If the going gets rough, we cannot promise to bury the bad news, but we can help you prepare and shape your story in the best possible way.

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